NZ Quake Browser


New Zealand is not just a beautiful place to live - it's pretty shaky as well!

Being located between two tectonic plates earthquakes typically occur a couple of times each day across New Zealand's islands - and the New Zealand GeoNet project captures them all.

This application uses the Quake Web Services offered by GeoNet to retrieve information about the latest earthquakes that rattled New Zealand in the last couple of days, up to the last decade.

The NZ Quake Browser is freeware.


Showing the latest big earthquake in October 2009 All major NZ quakes in the last decade


This application utilizes the Qt framework.

The current release is available for Mac OS X only, however if you think it could be useful on any of the supported Qt platforms - and you happen to have access to that specific platform - feel free to get in touch with me.


Feel free to make a small donation if you like the program and would like to support the work on this freeware application.