• RailModeller, create layouts for model railroads and slot car systems.
  • Annual Meteor Showers, the extensive database of more than 50 annual meteor showers. Currently available in german.
  • Signature Randomizer, randomly select signatures for your favorite email application.
  • Screensavers, some apps to keep your Mac busy while you're away.
  • GP.Lab, A Genetic Programming laboratory (though guaranteed GE free!)
  • Virtual Robots, some neat apps dealing with machine learning topics
  • NZ Quake Browser, query the NZ GeoNet web service for the latest earthquakes on the shaky islands.


  • TXWizard, a collection of tools for the Yamaha TX16W sampler.
  • KorgMan, a librarian for the Korg 05R/W (X5,X5DR,03RW) synthesizers.
  • SoftDrum, the pattern oriented MIDI drumcomputer software for Amiga OS. A nice little app, yet retired.