The genetic programming machine learning paradigm is used to give the robot the ability to learn how to e.g. avoid obstacles without explicitly being told how to solve this task.

The robot inherited its name from the famous character 'Matilda Junkbottom' (or 'Matilde Doseneimer' as it was called in german TV) of the 1980's animated series 'Doctor Snuggles'.

Here's a schematic drawing of the Matilda-2 robot:

Schematic drawing of the Matilda-2 robot



Matilda-II couldn't have been completed without the help of many people. This is a partial list of persons I have to thank for valuable discussions on various topics, providing ideas, electronics and software and lot's more.

  • Alexander Wiedekind-Klein
  • Marvin Green (Creator of the BotBoard-I/II)
  • Andreas Jägermann, Markus Juretzka
  • Marc Fricke, Sven Hoffmann
  • Rob Barris
  • Stephane Carrez (Great HC11/12 GCC-Port)
  • David Knuth (Servus Robots)
  • Peter Fesqué
  • Gerhard Schwanz
  • Holger Zahnleiter
  • Jan Reucker
  • Carsten Meyer (c't magazine, creator of 'MacInterface')
  • Markus Burrer
  • Fred Martin (Mac 68HC11-Downloader & HC11 Introduction)
  • Thomas Streller
  • The guys from
  • everyone from comp.robotics.misc, de.sci.electronics, comp.sys.mac.programmer